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Horizons Language Centre provides great education to help you learn new languages and become more confident. You can take classes that can help you achieve your academic and personal goals. Our courses also offer cultural knowledge that can help you see things from different perspectives. We want to help you unlock your potential and provide good support along the way. Join us so we can explore new things and learn together!


Learn a new language or improve your skills with our private language lessons. Available in-person or online with personalized instruction from experienced instructors. Receive focused attention and rapid progress toward fluency, regardless of your skill level.


Our program offers group language lessons at all levels with interactive exercises, immersive activities, and networking opportunities. Connect with people from diverse cultural backgrounds and broaden your perspective.


Improve your business communication skills with our tailored corporate language lessons. Boost your language proficiency to build stronger global partnerships, negotiate effectively, and grow your business.


We have skilled tutors who help children achieve academic and life success. They personalize their teaching style, identify strengths and weaknesses, and use engaging activities to make learning enjoyable and effective.

Kids Club

Runs from September to May and offers a safe and friendly environment for kids to learn, create, and communicate in English, while having fun and making new friends. Kids Club is focused on life skills, games and activities - without duplicating school programs.
Monthly fee: $68
Registration fee: $25

Exam Prep

Comprehensive exam assistance; teaching content, structure, and strategy for success. Our experienced teachers provide practical tips and step-by-step instructions to help you ace even the most complex questions.

Language Classes

Level 1-A
Level 1-A
Level 1-B
Level 2-A
Level 2-B
Level 3-A

Book a free 30-minute English class

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Group Classes


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except English 3-A, 3-B, 4-A & 4-B (13 weeks)

Class Schedule

Morning: 10:00am-12:00pm
Afternoon: 1:00pm-3:00pm
Evening: 6:30pm–8:30pm

Broaden Your Horizons

Centre de langues Horizons first came to life in Europe in 1994, and moved to Montreal with its owner in 1999. Its Deux-Montagnes office opened in 2013, with the primary goal of helping adults and children of all ages communicate better in another language (English, French or Spanish). Since then, it has branched out to create Kids Club, provide Federal ESL exam preparation, tutoring for all school grades and core subjects, customized corporate courses and more. 

At Horizons, we believe that broadening our horizons makes us more tolerant, more knowledgeable and more confident in our everyday interactions. Nobody was born speaking a language: we all learn in different ways, at different paces and for different reasons. Our expertise, combined with patience and fun methods of teaching, strives to help our clients achieve their personal and professional goals – big or small, short-term or for life.

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Beyond Words


Learning a new language creates a sense of accomplishment, and stepping outside of comfort zones can lead to increased confidence and a strengthened sense of self.


It broadens horizons, offers new perspectives, and develops valuable skills. Language learning requires effort, dedication, and persistence, which translate into enhanced problem-solving and critical thinking abilities.


Social interaction opportunities are plentiful and boost communication and active listening skills.

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Educational Summer Camp
8AM - 1PM

A mix of languages, game activities, arts and crafts, music and photography – all created and supervised by our own teachers.

Price per week: $280

Tax receipts provided upon request.

Summer 2024: week of August 5th