Someone once said that everything is perception – and perception is everything.
For a year now, our lives have changed, in many ways. Some of us have just moved to a home office, saving time and money, looking for investments and spending more time with family.. Some are struggling with lost jobs in the service and entertainment industries, making drastic changes in their plans, maybe going back to school, maybe waiting for the arenas to fill up again and the restaurants to open their dining rooms again… Some are keeping afloat but not at full capacity, taking it one day at a time… And then there are the front-line workers at grocery stores and hospitals who never got a chance to relax and take it easy during the lazy months of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The one thing most of us have in common is MORE TIME. Did you learn to bake? Did you start learning how to play a musical instrument? Did you watch all the seasons of Friends again?

Here is an investment that takes time: learning or improving a language.
You can’t buy it on Amazon and have it two days later. You can’t wrap it to go. You can’t load it in your car and take it home to enjoy. It takes time and commitment: you build, practice, learn, revise, play (on our online platform), forget some, practice some more – and month after month, you get more and more confident in your communication with the others.

Our ultimate goal is to lose you as a client: when we do, our work is done and you are ready to face your work, business trip, vacation, promotion, conversation – without our help! Fly solo. We will miss you – but that’s what happens with baby birds leaving the nest, with grown-up children moving on with their lives, and with students who have become self-sufficient.

We have had the time to lazy around, to do more with our kids, to pause and re-evaluate what’s important in life. Make that step. Commit to that language course. It has fun parts and hard work parts, ups and downs, takes time – a little every day, rather than two hours on Saturday – but it’s all worth it in the end.

​Get that new job. Talk to everyone you want to talk to. Watch movies in the original voices. Sing along with those hits. The pandemic gave you that time. Use it wisely.
More comfortable online? No problem: have your class the same way, with the same teacher, with more flexibility and less driving. Craving human contact and that face-to-face atmosphere? Come and have it while respecting a safe distance, having your coffee and making some new friends.

Remember: perception is everything – and everything is perception. Make the most of your time, now that you have it.

Educational Summer Camp
8AM - 1PM

A mix of languages, game activities, arts and crafts, music and photography – all created and supervised by our own teachers.

Price per week: $280

Tax receipts provided upon request.

Summer 2024: week of August 5th